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Every student has their own unique strengths and passions.

Our goal is to help students develop and realize their potential.

Gateway is a full-service college admission consulting company that is exclusively focused on helping students gain entry into a top 50 US university. All of our core consultants are graduates of top 25 US universities and experienced working with international students.


We also have specialists that focus on helping students develop their interests and build their own personal portfolio. We help students not only increase their chances of admission into their best fit school, but also help them lay the foundation for a lifetime of success.

  • We help understand and define your needs and objectives

  • We provide customized service packages, strategic admissions plans, and personalized timelines to help you succeed

  • We offer guided development both inside and outside the classroom: test preparation, extracurricular activities, internships, community service, etc.

  • We deliver individualized strategies to you and present the best possible admissions case to targeted schools